To really understand your consumers,you need to experience them through thorough conversation and observation.

Get in-depth insight into rational, emotional and behavioral aspect of the interaction between consumer and product / service you offer.

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Whenever you really need to understand your consumers, their needs, aspirations, believes, values and behavioral patterns, you need to experience them through in-depth conversation and observation. In order to enable you insight into a topic of interest, we use words instead of numbers, we create in-depth understanding instead of partial measures.

Whether to test ideas for new products or services, to uncover attitudes or understand the needs of the consumers, in-depth individual interviews are a straightforward way to do so. This is a research technique proved to be a highly insightful for engaging consumers with a question, product or idea. Unlike focus group discussions, when we bring together a group to discuss a particular topic and share their stories, in-depth individual interviews are a method suitable when we want to identify detailed perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes:

  • when we want to capture feedback on experiences that occur in an isolated way, such as product messaging or product usability testing; and
  • when there is anything sensitive about the feedback that participants may not feel comfortable sharing in front of other people.

In addition to the fact that in-depth individual interviews offer us more detailed and more thorough understanding of individual perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes, we use them when:

  • recruiting hard to reach individuals;
  • we have to be flexible (time and place is adjusted to each respondent).

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