The elements of Visual identity of Valicon Company

Rules and guides for use

Basic Rules When Using the Valicon Logo

Main Logo

Main logo is a recognizable and basic communication element of the company. The latter is composed of two words; Value (value) and Icon (icon), which are also the main principles of the company. Valicon’s main logo is composed of a colored square surface with the name design.



The minimum recommended relative size of  the logo is 20 px – Web /  7 mm – for the press and which has to be considered in all  media.


The Logo With the Slogan

The secondary version of the logo includes the slogan in the horizontal and / or vertical structure, and is used if necessary.

The minimum recommended relative size versions of the logo with the slogan:

horizontal version 20 px – Web / 7 mm – printed

vertical version 40 px – Hiking / 14 mm – printing

Minimum recommended relative size needs to be considered in all media.


Space inviolability

Space inviolability is formed by a single module (marked with x) 1/48 logo size. If the slogan version type used is vertically 1/96 of the logo size. If the slogan version type used is horizontal, 1/128 of the logo.

It has to be considered in all media.
valicon logo prostor nedotakljivosti

Color Scheme

The color scheme consists of:

primary colors – blue (C95 M79 Y23 K9, R41 G65 B121, Hex #294179),
secondary colors – silver (C40 M29 Y28 K0, R168 G172 B175, Hex #a8abaf),
third level color – white (C0 M0 Y0 K0, R255 G255 B255, Hex #ffffff).

The color specified by the Pantone color system is used for the printed materials or  CMYK color mode when printing multiple colors. For online communication,  the RGB color values are used or Hex color mode if needed.

Secondary color scheme is made up of six additional colors, which are should be used only online and for templates used for presentations. For this purpose, RGB can be used or, if necessary, Hex color mode.


Using the Color Scheme

  1. Primarily, the color version of the logo and the slogan are always in blue with white filling.
  2. Secondary colors – silver is used only in combination with colored logo for all texts or as a liner base color.
  3. Logo in inverse colors. It should be noted that the brightness of the background needs to be at least 10%.

Use of the secondary color in this  case is not allowed or recommended.

4. Logo in white is designed with a transparent recess and can be used in various image or sample surfaces. Additional adjustment of 60% opacity is allowed.

Use of the secondary color in this case is not allowed or recommended.

For questions about the use of these brand assets contact [email protected].


The Use

The logo and the version with the slogan should always be used in their primary design.  Below are listed some of the most common examples of incorrect use.




Valicon logo (SVG, PNG)



Valicon logo with slogan (SVG, PNG


Valicon logo – inverse (SVG, PNG)