Blckb, Applied Neuroscience

Blckb, company for applied neuroscience is bringing the potential of brain imaging technology to new fields of use outside of traditional labs to help create a better future. Blckb’s core product is a mobile multipurpose EEG platform that records and analyses human brain activity more efficiently and at a lower cost. From the ground up it has been engineered both with scalability and mobility in mind. The platform is extremely flexible and modular which makes it suitable for practically any application where EEG signals need to be recorded, analysed and interpreted on a larger scale with high levels of precision. The WhiteBox platform is already being used in exciting fields such as medicine, consumer neuroscience and art.

The WhiteBox EEG platform also powers BlackBox consumer neuroscience solutions. BlackBox consumer neuroscience is a tried and trusted mobile solution for consumer neuroscience that offers the new generation of marketing research based on advanced brain-imaging technology at disruptively low prices. By using medical grade EEG with user friendly dry electrode technology, it can measure consumer response to a wide array of marketing stimuli including advertising and other communications, brands, packaging, music, etc., with great precision.

Neurophysiological metrics are translated to marketing metrics by our trusted partners at Valicon who use brain data and their experience in marketing research to provide actionable business insights to their clients. So far, by using consumer neuroscience solutions based on the WhiteBox platform, the reactions to over 470 ads and other marketing stimuli have been measured on over 3600 subjects. Clients include companies like Pipistrel, Lidl, Hofer, Spar, Sparkasse, Samsung, Akrapovic, Raiffeisen Bank, Agrokor, Atlantic Group, Johnson & Johnson and others.