Consumers identify with brands that possess a promise they would identify with.

What promise is imprinted in the identity of your brand?

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BrandICON is strategic tool developed for defining brand identity with the help of brand archetypes. Our solution enables us to set a firm foundation for the brand in order to be able to deliver the same promise for each experience point. This is a process of searching, defining and implementing the story of your brand.

There are two clear benefits of using BrandICON for brand identity development. First one derives from the use of archetypes. These primordial images inspired us because they are intuitively understood (as a part of collectively-inherited unconscious ideas that are universally present in individual psyches) and enable sharing of core ideas of the brand in simple yet substantively rich form.

Another competitive advantage of BrandICON is its applicable nature. The brand identity definition process is not finished before detailed implementation plan for key experience points is defined. BrandICON is not just a platform for ‘storytelling’ but also for ‘storydoing’.

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