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Applied neuroscience and marketing researchers have joined forces to deliver the ultimate tool for understanding consumer‘s response to advertising.  We are connecting the conscious with the unconscious world by adding biometric data to the traditional research.

  • Purchase decisions and behaviors are strongly guided by unconscious emotional reactions and other brain processes that cannot be measured purely by classic research methods.
  • People sometimes cannot accurately explain what motivates their behavior and how they really experience products, brands, and communications.
  • With the help of high resolution, multichannel EEG technology we measure the left-right asymmetry of the frontal lobe of the neo-cortex that is related to pleasant or unpleasant emotional response.
  • By using the EEG and eye tracking technology, we scientifically measure, analyze and optimize the attention potential.
  • When combining this information with classical effectiveness measurement indicators you get an unbeatable source of information that will help you optimize your campaigns, learn from your mistakes and see how your competitors are doing and WHY they are better or worse.
  • Revolutionary advantage of eye tracking and EEG brain-imaging technology is their ability to provide direct insights into unconscious consumer response.
  • The one who doesn’t talk doesn’t lie – In order to provide in-depth understanding of emotional preferences and predict behavior of consumers we measure and analyze two key unconscious processes: Attention and Emotional reaction (pleasant or unpleasant).

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