An unsatisfied client will share his experience. With more than one person

Don't overlook such occurrences

1 complaint = 25 unsatisfied people = 250 bad opinions

Let’s think about the following data:

Only 4 % of unsatisfied clients complain, other 96 % only silently grumble, 91 % of unsatisfied clients never buy anything from you again!

Even worse news for a company is that the average unsatisfied client will tell eight to ten people about their problems. Every day that you come into contact with a client, you can impress them. But sometimes you disappoint them. One disappointment can deter not only one client but their friends and colleagues as well, who hear about this experience. Don’t overlook such occurrence. The CIT solution helps you monitor response from the clients who came into any kind of contact with you and shared their experience with us.

What is Valicon CIT?

CIT or Critical Incidence Technique is an approach, where critical events are measured and monitored. The technique can be included in satisfaction surveys or are implemented independently or directly with clients or general user samples (which enables comparison with competitive brands, providers, etc.).

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