Capture and use behavior from virtually any source to drive highly personalized interactions.

Most comprehensive behavioral marketing automation solution.

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Silverpop is a completely on-demand marketing platform for e-mail marketing and marketing automation. The system helps align marketing and sales efforts by scoring sales leads, nurturing them through the sales pipeline, and measuring campaign ROI with real-time reports and analytics. Silverpop offers several best-of-breed solutions, including e-mail marketing, marketing automation and lead management

With Silverpop you will be able to do:

  • Email marketing;
  • Lead scoring;
  • Lead management;
  • Lead nurturing;
  • Campaign analytics;
  • Multi-channel marketing;
  • Social media marketing.

Key benefits:

  • Easy integration with CRM or ERP systems;
  • Integrated surveys;
  • Real – time sales alerts;
  • Web and e-mail track activity;
  • Automated segmentation.

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