First we use the data, which is already available.

Desk Research stands for systematic collection and analysis of data from secondary (existing) sources.

The most frequent sources of Desk Research are research reports, internet, clipping (media monitoring), media image analyses, all public documents and peer studies. The main advantage of Desk Research method is that is saves time and lower costs, since the majority of collected data is available for free and in recent year the majority of sources are available on the internet or online services from institutions and organizations. The sources have to be selected carefully with attention paid to their currency (the newer the better) and quality (reliability).

For which purposes:

  • Market and potential analysis;
  • Competition analysis;
  • Company operations analysis;
  • Semiotic analysis of communication activities in the category;
  • Offer / Packages / Price analysis.

Why and how Valicon can help you:

  • Even though the data already exists, it needs to be found and logically organized as a comprehensive whole. This requires time and why not simply let someone else do it. This helps you save time and even money, but most of all; you can focus on the content of the problem and not on the collection of data and information.

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