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We’re full service marketing and opinion research specialists. With headquarters in Slovenia and a strong presence in all South East Europe capital cities, we’re here to listen, understand, and help you make impactful decisions. This makes us not only experts, but also your partners in progress.

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Our Expertise

We are known for:

CX (Customer Experience)

evaluation using proprietary NPS 2.0 AI powered transactional evaluation.

Strategic brand management

using our proprietary Brand.IdentICON brand identity development tool that includes LEGO Serious Play™ and BSIT Brand Strength and Image Tracking tool.

Communication optimisation

using Neuro research and Ad.DiagnostICON standardized campaign evaluations and strategic media planning using inhouse sources.

#NewNormality trends

Consumer trends tracking and prediction

State-of-the-art tools

The Largest Online Panel

We are a research powerhouse. Our data-driven approach ensures you have access to the most up-to-date, comprehensive information to make informed decisions. With over 100,000 panelists in our online community, Valicon boasts the most extensive pool of respondents in the SEE region which now is ready for the Kosovo market.

LEGO Serious Play™

This is the ultimate workshop tool that boosts creativity and speeds up the decision making process. We have the most visible members of the community, the most experienced and certified facilitators in the SEE region.

AI-Powered Surveys

The first AI-backed survey system that comprehends not only Albanian but all relevant languages spoken in the SEE region. We understand the importance of linguistic diversity and are committed to providing accurate, culturally sensitive insight

Neuro Marketing

We have been pioneers in the field of Neuro marketing since 2015. We have the biggest database of evaluated ads in the region where you can find the knowledge and inspiration for your creative solutions.

Our Success

Every year, we conduct over 1 million surveys, making us one of the most trusted and experienced research agencies in the region. We closely cooperate with the biggest companies in the region from any industry you can imagine. Our five key pillars are:


banks, insurance and investments;

Teleco &

from regulators to streaming services and traditional media;

Social & Public opinion

working with most reputable organizations in the region: UNDP, Unicef, Eurobarometer and many others.

Retail &

from traditional retail to e-commerce and biggest brands in FMCG;


energy sector including electricity, post, delivery and public services;

With a strong commitment to quality and ethics, we are proud to be a member of ESOMAR and have upheld its code since our inception.

Our track record of success speaks for itself!

Here are some statements from clients who have benefited from our research agency services:

“Testing the campaign was helpful for us since we received many suggestions from the participants that have helped us shape the final idea, while we also got positive feedback from the focus groups. The correct approach to the campaign was also confirmed by the positive results of measuring the effects of the campaign with Ad.Diagnosticon.
Mojca Avšič, Executive Director of Strategic Marketing, Mercator
“HT is among the first companies to recognize the values of neurophysiological measurements of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns through Valicon Neuro.Diagnostic. In addition to helping gain user attention and increase the effectiveness of messages in specific campaigns, we have also gained over the years very specific know-how that we can apply in creating future campaigns. It is a unanimous evaluation that Neuro.Diagnostics has made a significant contribution in increasing the attractiveness and effectiveness of the HT campaigns in B2C and in the B2B segment in the last two years. Valicon has proved to be a valuable and reliable HT partner in the field of customer insight”.
Ksenija Ilin, Head of Market Research, Telekom Croatia
“Initially, the study was deemed as a cost, but we consider it a very good investment. It clarified our assumptions and helped us understand why we are not achieving the expected sales results. We immediately implemented optimizations and positive results are already evident.’’
Tomaž Dvorak, CEO, Alta

Join hands with Valicon in Kosovo, and let us be your partner in market success!

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