Energy products, electricity and natural gas suppliers market with understanding of transitions and the decision-making process

All Energy is a multi-purpose solution, which is based on continuous monitoring and understanding of the market, as well as detecting changes and dynamic of changing the electricity and natural gas providers, as well as energy products providers among final users.

All Energy offers a tool to review and understand is according to the following items:

  • Current situation and market trends (energy products, electricity and natural gas providers);
  • Scope of measurements and transition directions among providers;
  • Provider loyalty (potential defectors);
  • Understanding the purchase path when changing providers.

What it’s intended for:

  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) monitoring;
  • Planning the retention or preventing departures;
  • Planning the strategy of how to attract new users;
  • Planning and optimization of the marketing mix;
  • Detecting advantages and weaknesses of the offer and competitive edge;
  • Support for the development of new products or packages.

Key characteristics:

  • Large sample: Measurements are implemented though the online panel JazVem and more than 8.000 clients are included in the monitoring. At the same time, the sample is representative.
  • Innovative platform: Survey collection of data on an innovative platform, where the same persons are monitored in real-time. The Valicon’s system automatically detects any changes and asks additional questions.

What are the advantages of All Energy:

  • Actual transitions: It detects and measures actual changes among the persons who changed a provider and not just hypothetical situations.
  • The platform enables access to micro-segments, where the client can implement additional reviews (e.g. package test, ad test, etc.).

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