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Combination of online and traditional research methods

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The Mix-Mode combines survey data collection through the online panel and personal interviews in the field. Surveying of the online population is implemented though the online panel, while the remaining part of the population, which doesn’t use the internet or isn’t included though online surveying is interviewed in the field. This method is the result of our own development and is renowned for its sampling method.

This method determines the scope of the surveys that need to be implemented though the CAWI online panel method and though the CAPI field data collection in detail. The scope depends on the share of the internet users in special segments, calculated to make it heterogeneous, while being homogenous internally.

Why mix mode:

  • Mix mode is the combination of Smart Sampling method on web panels and personal Interviewing, that enables national representativeness and complete sample structure
  • The price is competitive with CATI price or even lower
  • Use of Landline phone is decreasing
  • Some of the represenatation groups are not available via traditional methods
  • Combination of online and traditional method reduces mode effect
  • There are no question design limitations


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