Shopper’s Mind research: Why Slovenians do not pay with credit cards in Slovenian online stores?

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Number of online purchases made with credit cards (or other methods of card related online payments) is increasing. In 2017, 43% of online purchases were made with credit cards. For the first time since the start of the Shopper’s Mind research, the percentage of credit card payments was higher than percentage of payments on delivery. Purchases in foreign online stores are usually made with a credit card (96% of purchases), while in Slovenian online stores a credit card is used in only 22% of cases. This indicates that buyers usually decide for credit card payments when shopping in foreign online stores such as AliExpress, Amazon and eBay in particular, and with the increase of purchases in foreign online stores, percentage of credit card payments increased too. Conversely, percentage of credit card payments is very low in domestic online stores and it is also growing very slowly. There are a number of reasons why Slovenians do not pay with credit cards in Slovenian online stores:

  • Trust: we still do not trust local online retailers and therefore we still rather decide for the payment on delivery option.
  • Easy online purchase gets too complicated: payments with credit cards complicate the buying process and as a result buyers rather select the payment on delivery option because it is easier (they do not have to enter numbers, passwords etc.). Big global retailers also made this process much easier with the e-wallet payment method.
  • There is no credit card payment option: there are still online stores that estimate that credit card payments are increasing costs of their business and they simply do not provide that option.