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Powerful Tool

LSP is a method that stimulates thinking, communication and problem solving in organizations and with individuals… It is especially recommended for management that wants to get the most out of its collective and successfully manage the modern-day company.

Why build models instead of just talking about them?

Lego makes us think with our hands, and our hands are connected with 80% of the cells in our brain. A creative, reflective way of thinking, since when we build and create something, we encourage our brain to work in a different way (visual, visceral and somatic). Each step of the LSP workshop involves the use of Lego bricks and the process of construction.

About the LSP process and its benefits

The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®  process is run by a certified facilitator. During the LSP workshop participants are led by a series of questions, which progressively deepened the topic. The LSP method builds a common language between workshop participants, regardless of their differing expertise, business position, and even spatial distance or different cultures (it is often used for collaboration between teams from different continents, from different areas and at different business positions).

The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®  method is globally positioned as a premium solution for situations with no obvious solutions, no correct and incorrect answers. The method is successfully applied by global companies, such as Google, NASA, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Unilever, Ikea, Samsung and many others. Some areas in which the LSP method can be applied successfully are:business problem solving, development of teams and individuals, strategy development, branding and portfolio management, improvement of user experience, creating new concepts, education, improving team collaboration, etc.

Valicon recognized the value of the LSP method and first started to apply it with our Brand. Icon methodology, which uses archetype as the basis of every successful brand. The connection between the LSP and archetypes is obvious, since both concepts are based on primary human knowledge and skills. By using archetypes in branding, we have always directed our customers to define the brand as a person, who would interact with their customers and establish a relationship that would further lead to strong consumer loyalty.

Workshops in the region

With the introduction of the LSP method, Valicon became the first vendor that covered the whole region and beyond. With three certified facilitators in the region,combining methods with previous business experience and knowledge of the market, enriching existing strategic solutions, has raised added value for customers to a new level.

The regional Valicon LSP team is available to anyone who wants to learn more, experience the magic of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method and add value to their company and team through even more creative solutions and richer stories.

Anyone who wants to learn more or experience the LSP world contact us at [email protected].