Adria Hotel Forum: Smart data for smart growth (conference presentation)

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Technological impacts, new and hybrid motives, new consumer generations and consumer segments have contributed to the fact that the destination is no longer understood as a border defined area but as a whole region that can include several municipalities. So an important part of the destination is a whole network of local tourist activities: hotels, attractions, transport services, service providers, restaurants … which, however, must be linked to a unified whole in order to ensure a high quality visitor’s experience. In this context, destination management plays an important role.

Destination Management covers everything from planning the space usage, management and use of areas, licenses to the daily tourism activities and activities organization.

With the purpose of systematic development and increase of destination visits, a strategic framework was created, which, through its deepening into the destination and its offers, forms a thematic set of activities and services offered by the destination itself. The approach to the destination management, developed by Valicon and its business partners, was presented by Kristijan Gregorić (Valicon) and Janez Jager (Best Hospitality Solutions) at the Adria Hotel Forum.

Presentation is available here.