NeuroOptimized Advertising Creative proved to Sell More

Published by Valicon on

According to the study conducted by Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience and Nielsen Catalina Solutions, a combination of EEG, biometric and facial coding consumer responses was shown to have extremely high, even up to 77% explanatory power of in-market sales providing marketers with unprecedented research potential. EEG alone can attribute to 62% of it.

A study, which was released at The Advertising Research Foundation’s Audience Measurement 2016 conference, had used multiple neuroscience measures, ad exposure and actual retail purchase data to prove the existence of statistically significant relationships between individual neuroscience measures and in-store sales for the same creative executions.

We agree ad reactive is complex and difficult to measure, with many points of view, methods and measures, but undoubtfully remains central to in-market success. For advertisers, agencies and media partners, these results demonstrate neuroscience methods that can effectively evaluate the most critical element of advertising – the ad creative – before reaching the market.