Zenel Batagelj, cofounder and partner in Valicon, named as the Advertising Person of the Year!

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The Advertising person of the year is an annual peer award awarded by the Administrative Board of the Slovenian Advertising Chamber either for their special achievements in the previous year or for continuous contribution to the Slovenian advertising branch during a longer time period.

This year, it is Zenel Batagelj for his invaluable contribution to the development of the marketing profession in Slovenia and the wider region, especially in the field of branding.
The administrative board ended their justification with this thought:

“He is always striving for the success of his client’s brands; on the one hand, he is putting the client first, and on the other the client or buyer-orientated thinking. He is heartfelt and dedicated partner in dialogue whose mission and great responsibility are to spread marketing mentality and marketing approaches into business operations at home and in the wider region. That is why he is a frequent guest at numerous panels and professional meetings. His appearances change reasoning and open eyes, but at the same time he is challenging the responsibility of marketing and its role, as well as its impact on successful and particularly profitable development of companies. That is why Zenel Batagelj deserves to be named the advertising person of the year for his continuous contribution to the development of this profession in Slovenia and elsewhere.”

We, the proud collective at Valicon, share his joy and congratulate him from our hearts!