Prepare communication materials in order to achieve that consumers understand them in exactly the same manner as you would like them to.

Generate ideas for campaigns; get insight into understanding of campaign’s message/s; develop, upgrade and finalize proposed materials.

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Wish of each advertiser is to have campaign that will have some effect on consumers, but many times otherwise likeable campaigns don’t have the desired effect. Ad.Developer is marketing research tool using qualitative insight to develop, optimize and finalize different communication materials. It helps you to generate ideas, to choose among different varieties, to adjust and improve designed proposals, to reveal how consumers understand message/s of your campaign …

The Result is consumer tailored marketing communication materials which address consumers not only on rational but also on emotional level with using their language and expressions.

Tool enables you to design campaigns together with your target group and to prepare materials that will address them most effectively. Consumers can be involved in creation of campaign or in preparation/optimization of any kind of communication materials. You can involve them actively into communication campaign preparation in any phase.

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