11. 6. 2014

Regional data-collection update

Last week we have gathered and analyzed information and projections about current regional situation regarding recent flood. Special emphasis was given to the possibility of national representative surveys in the near future in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia and our projections so far refer to period til the end of July 2014. ...more
20. 5. 2014

Flood in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia: Data collection update 20. 5. 2014

The first news regarding possible data-collection activities: National-representative surveys are stopped in all three countries till the end of May. At VALICON, we are constantly monitoring the mood of respondents when the surveys can be run again. We are also preparing an alternative methodology and sampling plan for those that urgently need fieldwork. There will be a weekly update available on VALICON’s web site.

12. 2. 2014

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Big majority of citizens support protests, but violence represents too high price of changes

Protests are result of widespread dissatisfaction of citizens. Strong support to protests has united the society as it is largely supported in both entities, in Federation of B&H and in Republic of Srpska as well. If protests would continue to be violent, support would decline, most probably below 50%. Protests, in general, represent insurgence against general social conditions. However, only half of respondents feel that these protests would cause any major change. ...more

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