18. 3. 2015

Zenel Batagelj, cofounder and partner in Valicon, named as the Advertising Person of the Year!

The Advertising person of the year is an annual peer award awarded by the Administrative Board of the Slovenian Advertising Chamber either for their special achievement in the previous year or for continuous contribution to the Slovenian advertising branch during a longer time period. This year, it is Zenel Batagelj for his invaluable contribution to the development of the marketing profession in Slovenia and the wider region, especially in the field of branding. ...more
06. 3. 2015

First Online Retailer of the Year Conference in Zagreb in partnership between Valicon and

According to the number of online purchases (transactions) eBay is one of the biggest online stores for Croatian online buyers, even though it might not have a significant impact in regard to the value of the transactions. On average, the Croats buy products, which are 4-times less valuable than purchases made from domestic online sellers. Based on the results we can conclude that Croatia is facing a challenge, which is related to marketing online purchasing and widening of domestic online offer. This is the only way that domestic online sellers can change the trend to their advantage, i.e. achieve that the higher share of transactions are carried out in Croatia. ...more
03. 3. 2015

VALICON TOP25 BRANDS: Milka still on top, Argeta the strongest Slovenian brand

In order to place high on Valicon TOP25 regional list of brand strength, constant work, innovation and a strong story are required - we have been emphasizing this for a while and it won't hurt if we say It again. A brand needs to be very consistent with its story if it wants to be desirable among consumers. ...more

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