12. 2. 2014

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Big majority of citizens support protests, but violence represents too high price of changes

Protests are result of widespread dissatisfaction of citizens. Strong support to protests has united the society as it is largely supported in both entities, in Federation of B&H and in Republic of Srpska as well. If protests would continue to be violent, support would decline, most probably below 50%. Protests, in general, represent insurgence against general social conditions. However, only half of respondents feel that these protests would cause any major change. ...more
20. 12. 2013

VALICON TOP25 BRANDS: The return of “local” brands among the top ten brands in the region. Milka continues to be the leading brand.

Former Yugoslavian FMCG brands prevail on regional list. Among the top ten brands six of them have regional roots: Vegeta, Argeta, Cedevita, Cockta, Smoki and Fructal. ...more
15. 7. 2013

Ljubljana is hosting ESRA Conference

Valicon was one of the pioneers in implementing higher standards of survey methodology in marketing research in Slovenia. That is why it is our pleasure to welcome the 5th Conference of The European Survey Research Association which is held in Ljubljana, Slovenia. From the 15th to the 19th of July, 2013. The conference has come at times when major shift in usage of survey methodology is happening. Again, Valicon is the one to lead the usage of web and combined interviewing, in Slovenia and wider Adriatic region.


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