About Valicon

We are a company operating in the field of marketing consulting and have years of experience in the field of marketing research.

Our knowledge and skills are spread out across different disciplines: brand management, business consulting, development and innovations, media, trend prediction, online strategies, CRM and data mining. These marketing and business skills give us an in-depth insight into the industry, which helps us advise our clients in their business decision-making. We are specialized for small markets and we offer our clients adapted and standardized solutions. Advanced technologies, our own technological development and familiarity with the clients’ industry help us stand out. Our success is the result of good relationships with our clients, regional partners and local communities.

Why Us?

Adding Value to our Client’s Decision-Making Process

We are adding value to our client’s decision making process with our comprehensive approach to marketing challenges.The added value is created on the basis of a comprehensive analysis and use of all relevant data on the market and users.

We are an Excellent Team

We are a group of exceptional individuals that forms an excellent team together with our ambitious clients and we are capable of facing even the most demanding challenges. Devotion to work and innovations help us move the limits of possibilities.

We Build Long-term Partnerships

A long-term partnership is based on mutual respect, trust and growth. We are capable and eager to adapt to the situation on the market in order to achieve our common goal.

We are Proud of our Clients’ Success

We appreciate the knowledge, expertise, quality and efficiency. This kind of work results in quality results achieved together with our clients. We are very proud of this and it gives us a lot of satisfaction.

We are Innovative and Technically Advanced

We continue to present new know-how, technologies and innovative business ideas in order to create modern and efficient solutions for our clients. We are putting a lot of emphasis on our own IT development – we have our own “AI Supported Interviewing” software, which supports all forms of computer data collection. This gives us the best solutions and helps us support all modern methods. We are the pioneers in the region: